Medar/Medatlas II
Mediterranean Data Archeology and Rescue
MAS3-CT98-0174 & ERVUC20-CT98-0103
Western Mediterranean Regional Center


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Mª Jesús García

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Mediterranean National data sets are available at the National Oceanographic Data Centres & Designated National Agencies for International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IOC/IODE/NODC-DNA).

The regional data management is at the core of the project and during the project implementation, those experienced centres with good communicacion links will offer facilities for quality checking the regional data in close collaboration with the quality assurance experts of the project.

  • The National Data Sets from Spain, Morocco and Algeria are being assembled at the Western Mediterranean Qualification Center. Choosing France you will follow the link to see also French cruise inventory.



  • The global MEDAR/MEDATLAS-II cruise inventory is developed by the All Russian Oceanografic Data Center - World Data Center-B.

    Global inventory: WDC-B (Russia)


  • In 1997, in the frame of MEDATLAS project, a set of three CD-ROM was produced at IFREMER/DITI/IDT by the MEDATLAS Consortium: HNODC, IEO, SISMER, SHOM, ICES (A MAST Supporting initiative; MAS2-CT93-0074), that contains:

    • Temperature and salinity observations from CTD, bottles, XBT and MBT.
    • Gridded climatological data.
    • Climatological maps of temperature, salinity and related parameters.
    • Sofware interface and user manual.


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