Medar/Medatlas II
Mediterranean Data Archeology and Rescue
MAS3-CT98-0174 & ERVUC20-CT98-0103
Western Mediterranean Regional Center


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Mª Jesús García



IEO developped the software QCMEDAR for quality control of oceanographic data.

Data are presented in MEDATLAS format established by the consortium of several Mediterranean Data Centres.
Both the format and the methods used in the routines of quality control follow recommendations of ICS/IOC.
See details in Medar-Medatlas Protocols published by Ifremer.

First versions of QCMEDAR were developed for MS DOS, while current release 2.0 is composed of several
independent programs for WINDOWS (32 bits) aimed to perform tasks of quality analysis, visualization, import and
export of oceanographic data from/to other widely used formats.

Source codes were rewritten and new friendly graphics user interface was introduced. Some new modules were
included both to convert data from external sources (spreadsheet ASCII formats) into MEDATLAS format for exchange
and quality control according to the MEDAR/MEDATLAS II protocols, and to export data to flat format files compatible
with widespread free and commercially available software, such as database managers, spreadsheets, graphics,
statistics and other analysis packages.

Go to the download page of IEO to get latest version and updates of QCMEDAR.

Please send your questions, comments and suggestions to:
María Jesús García

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